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Sorger & Co. were tasked with bringing to life a completely new digital identity for IntouchCX, a global customer care and technology company, with over 18,000 employees worldwide across 9 different countries. The IntouchCX team tasked Sorger & Co. to create a new web user experience to reflect their global rebranding efforts, which included a new company name and brand identity built by our design partners.

As part of this initiative, Sorger & Co. were responsible for designing and implementing a new mobile-first digital experience to represent IntouchCX’s new brand and company name on the web, with standout web designs, industry best technologies and approaches, and powerful digital marketing capabilities from day one. Sorger & Co.’s design team delivered a complete set of modular web designs that stayed true to IntouchCX’s new brand identity, while also ensuring the highest standards of web performance, accessibility, mobile responsiveness and usability.

Sorger & Co.’s seasoned development team then brought those designs to life, delivering a complete website built on a robust content management system with modularity and scalability top of mind, allowing IntouchCX’s content managers to easily and seamlessly make changes to the new website as needed, or create new content using a library of easy-to-use widgets and modules with no development experience required.